About Gas Turbine World

Our name says it all.

Gas Turbine World is the one industry publication that’s GT-focused, globally-aware and dedicated to covering emerging GT technology and issues across all applications and markets.

Gas Turbine World is produced by experts for experts, with a combination of technical depth and real-world context that elevates our coverage from raw reporting to authoritative, immediate and actionable information.

An Established, Credible Source: Founded in 1970, Gas Turbine World is a privately-published journal designed to address the practical information needs of gas turbine buyers and users in a format that speaks peer-to-peer, and bridges the gap between academic publications and omnibus industry reviews. Through the years, the Gas Turbine World imprint has expanded beyond our flagship bi-monthly journal to include our industry-benchmark annual GTW Handbook and our new production year GTW Performance Specs annual.

A Readership of Practitioners: The audience for Gas Turbine World is a tough, demanding cross-section of GT owner-operators, power entrepreneurs, energy developers, consultants, specifiers, top-tier executives, senior engineers, systems designers and government evaluators and purchasers -- from around the world, and across the spectrum of power generation, industrial, petroleum and marine-propulsion GT markets. Gas Turbine World readers are drivers, “doers” and decision-makers who rely on us for the technical accuracy and practical insight that makes hard choices easier.

A Tight View on the Big Picture: Every member of our editorial staff is a degreed engineer or a hands-on industry “insider” with more than 15 years of experience in GT technologies and applications. We know the technology – but we also know that “technology” doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In a fluid and unpredictable market environment, rated performance is only one factor in a business calculation that includes comparative capital costs, variable fuel-price scenarios, life-cycle economics, historical operation and maintenance models, sustainable environmental compliance and retrofit/upgrade options. That’s why Gas Turbine World thinks “outside the spec sheet” to consider how new GT models, new features and new technology trends match-up with the realities of the marketplace. And that’s why we routinely perform our own independent research and fact-checking, drawing on knowledgeable primary sources including GT manufacturers, owners, operators, engineers, project contractors, component suppliers and consultants.